Teaching > Inside the System

Hold on man
the town's hungry
while you bitchin'
on the block, feds listenin'
to Chanelle and bop.
Shut up this comin' from Montana.
It's the next man choice
ski mask or the hat with the holes thrown out.
Young diddy think clearly when the
O's come out.
Back to back lions
form alliance
and apply it
to a riot,
very violent
nearly silent
when arriving
and conniving.
Cut throat
I'm not lyin.'
Oh boy it's a giant
and the young ones defiant.
Get the @#$% out of here like I'm Simon
off of American Idol.
Oh boy I'm just like you.
I would never despise you.
I just see you as I write you.
I'm not even tryna psyche you.
Pay attention it's a cycle
mini mony moe rifles.
You're my beckon reality
so why be man at me
when all I'm tryna say is you're my
second personality.

Second Personality
Second Personality