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A short (2m36s) film by my fabulous student, Indiana Pehlivanova, who was in the WritersCorps apprentice program I taught 2006-2007.

Indiana authored this entire piece -- she wrote the text, drew the visuals, and sang her own pop-inspired medleys. It's one of the most quirky and addicting films I've ever seen.

Broken Lightswitchers
by Indiana Pehlivanova

Somewhere over the chimney tops
by Van Ness and Geary
God is eating his chocolate donuts

Everybody needs someone
someone to beat up in kindergarten
to laugh at their accent
to take pictures of kissing a tree

There's a place in your heart
And I know it's hunger
Oh shoot
I gotta get that Milky Way bar

There's a calm surrender
to the suicidal thoughts
of the living room sofa

Tomorrow, tomorrow
I'm going to execute
a cardboard box

Oh, you better watch out
you better not cry
you better not pal
I'm telling you why
A bull is driving your presents
from the North Pole

Do, a deer
fell off the wall
and broke my neighbor's crown
Re, a drop of Tylenol
could burn down
your handmade house
in one century

I love you, baby
and if it's why
all right
You gotta wash the dishes

Please, please, please
Forgive my mess
I'm grown up sinking battle ships
on pieces of paper

Take, take me home
'cause I don't remember
Did I do my homework, Mr. Javitch?
Or not?

Broken Lightswitchers