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Ghetto Girl

She rockin' the fresh braids with beads at the end
Reputation known for being bad, her and her friends
Lil' mama but her voice carry like yards
Known for gettin' vicious if you pull the wrong cards
Ghetto girl standin' there with her hand on her hips
She glistenin' and gleamin' with the gloss on her lips
She just love the attention so she put on a show
Don't mistake her for a dummy cuz she's smarter than you know
Disrespect is not an option cuz she wish you would
Don't get on her bad side cuz she will get 'hood
Ghetto girl rockin' the Baby Phat jeans
Lookin' and starin' with the mug oh so mean
She may seem rough but she does have a heart
She sings her butt off it's her form of art
So quick to compare one thing to another
And don't put up a challenge cuz she will tell her brother
Ghetto girl rockin' the Jordan tennis shoes
So quick to judge them other fools
Can't nobody tell her nothin' cuz she know the street
She can handle her own battles and stand on her own feet
Some stand 5'5"
Seventeen years old with curls
They have all been tagged with the label
Ghetto girl

Deandra Kittles

Deandra Kittles
Deandra Kittles